GIS Day/PostGIS Day: ideas to help you raise awareness of GIS

To mark GIS Day (November 15th) and PostGIS Day (November 16th), Amy Jackson from Elmbridge Borough Council has joined forces with us to suggest six ways to raise awareness of GIS in your organisation.

1. Bring home the bacon

Amy is the manager of a small GIS team. To mark the launch of the council’s new GIS Strategy, she’s invited colleagues to a Big Breakfast on GIS Day. With bacon butties, pastries, coffee and maps on offer, it sounds like the ideal morning out! Attendees will be invited to play GIS Cluedo using iShare and make origami from maps.

2. Reserve your place at our 2023 User Group

Mark the day by booking a place at our User Group in Birmingham on December 13th. It’s the ideal time to talk GIS with peers and our team. Find out more.

3. Showcase GIS projects

There are many ways to whet your colleagues’ appetites for maps, for example:

  • Posting maps on internal notice boards
  • Promoting mapping case studies on your intranet
  • Running a ‘show and tell’ webinar for colleagues
  • Turning part of your reception, canteen or break room into a temporary map gallery

4. Get social (ideas for councils)

You can ask your social media team to help raise awareness of how the council uses mapping to transform service delivery.

You can also ask them to promote public-facing maps which allow residents to self-serve or share information. Here are a few ideas that can help residents improve their fitness, stay safe and improve their environment this Autumn/Winter: 

  • Gritting routes
  • CCTV zones
  • Green spaces
  • Public amenities
  • Map-based fault reporting (e.g. graffiti or potholes)

5. Give awards

If you’ve ever read about our staff nights out, you’ll know we’re big fans of tongue-in-cheek awards. Why not create your own certificates for colleagues who have used location-based data to its full advantage? You could also award certificates to colleagues whose datasets are a joy to use!

6. Mapping Mondays

Think about freeing up a 30-minute space in your diary every Monday so colleagues can talk to you about what they are trying to achieve and find out how GIS can help them. 

Helpful resources

Case studies:

Relevant case studies can be found on our customer stories page, including:

  • How to improve the Call for Sites process (Dudley MBC)
  • Using iShare to drive service delivery (Walsall Council)
  • Using  iShare to create single-topic web maps (Dudley MBC)
  • Using iShare to enable the public to compare maps from different providers or eras (Dudley MBC)


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