SQL for Postgres/PostGIS

SQL for Postgres/PostGIS

This course is for GIS users working with Postgres/PostGIS databases who need to run SQL and GeoProcessing operations, using open source end user tools including pgAdmin and QGIS, and making use of the PostGIS extension, which brings spatial capability to Postgres.

This course can be combined with PostGIS Essentials to give delegates a solid grounding in managing and querying spatial data in a Postgres database.

1 day 

4 CPD points

Getting Started

Meet your trainer and fellow delegates.
Learn about client/server architecture, common database components and start becoming familiar with key terminology.

Further SQL

Explore tools and techniques in SQL for creating, updating and transforming data.
Learn techniques for writing economical queries. Discover aliases and Common Table Expressions (CTE).

Working with Geometry

Discover how to access functions in PostGIS, such as measurements.
Learn how functions can transform a geometry based on existing features. Explore spatial relationships and joins.

Query Optimisation

Learn how to use the Query Planner. Find out how to use EXPLAIN to query performance issues. Practice exploring query performance.

Automating SQL Tasks

Learn how to automate tasks based on time or a trigger from another application. Find out how to package queries so they can be called by any database user. Discover how to use QGIS to automate tasks in Postgres.


Ask any questions before completing a delegate feedback form.
Your certificate will be emailed to you after the course.

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Small class sizes
Online training
4 CPD points