GeoServer Training

GeoServer Essentials training

A two day introduction to GeoServer. Prior GIS experience and an understanding of OGC Web Services is a prerequisite for this GeoServer training course. Knowledge of web technologies is also preferred.

2 days

8 CPD points

Getting Started

Downloading and installing GeoServer and a familiarisation of the Administrator console to add simple Vector and Raster data.

Drawing Prettier Maps

Drawing prettier maps through simple styling, labelling features and importing styles from QGIS.

Client Interfaces

Using simple clients such as QGIS, Leaflet and OpenLayers to view results from GeoServer provides and end-to-end of a complete technology stack.

Advanced Styling

Working with the CSS Styling plugin, understanding OGC Style Layer Definitions (SLD) and how to make the most from Freemarker templates.

Other Web Services

Setting up an OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) to serve interoperable vector geometries.  Understanding and implementing cascading OGC Web Mapping Services.

UK Specific

Loading and implementing the INSPIRE plugin for serving metadata and also other necessities such as automatically watermarking data from the Ordnance Survey.

Advanced Raster Management

Reformat Rasters using external utilities such as GDAL. Mosaicing (stitching) images together to provide a single complete coverage to pyramid ensuring optimal delivery speeds to your users.


Understanding how Users, Groups and Roles work together and connecting to centralized directories such as LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.

Interested in GeoServer training?

GeoServer Advanced training

This one day course is for advanced users who have either completed the GeoServer Essentials course or who have been using GeoServer for some time. It covers adding advanced vector & raster formats and how to serve rasters using a WCS. After completing this GeoServer training course, you should be able to add complex data (including MetOc – Meteorological and Oceanographic) and make use of the REST API to automate adding data and styles. You will also have a basic knowledge of how to add printing services to GeoServer.

1 day

4 CPD points

Other Web Services

Diving into more advanced OGC services including setting up a Web Coverage Service (WCS), cascading a Remote Web Feature Service (WFS) and implementing a Web Processing Service (WPS).

Running in Production

Production tuning including Advanced Configuration, Flow Control and methods of Monitoring.  Also includes an introduction to the powerful REST Management API.

Advanced Styling

Maximizing styling features such as dynamic rendering transformations, including external graphics and implementing functions.


Configuring GeoServer for printing and also including of servicing WMS Dimensions where time, elevations etc can be implemented.