QGIS Training

QGIS Essentials

A two day introduction to QGIS. Prior GIS experience is a pre-requisite.
Knowledge of databases and SQL is desirable.

2 days

8 CPD points

Getting Started

Introduction to QGIS inc licensing, the User Interface, Projects, the various Coordinate Reference Systems and understanding, managing and installing the various plugins that are available.

Vector Data

Loading data whether GIS, Spreadsheet or Database layers. Connecting to and understanding Web Features Service (WFS) layers. Joining layers to see more results along with the ability to export.

Styling Map Data

Understanding the powerful Style Dialog and the various Symbology types wther SIngle, Categorized or Graduated. Ability torRe-use these style and use images and use of the powerful labelling.

Selecting & Filtering

Idenitfy features from one or more layer via teh map. Moving on to the powerful Selection functionality and then the various views available and then filtering the selection by attributes.

Raster Data

Understanding file types and their Georeference files. Loading Raster types whether core or virtual raster images to remote Web Mapping Services (WMS) and then applying styles to anty of these.

Data Creation & Editing

Creating new layers and editing layer geometries – moving, snapping or tracing). Attribute editing features such as using the Field Calculator and editing field lists.


Using functions via the Processing Toolbox. Other tools such as generating Polygons from existing data, random & vector grids. Analysis tools including Distance Matrix, Sum line length and Counting points in a polygon.

PostGIS Data

Recap of file versus database layers, how to connect to PostGIS & Load the layer.  When loading there are additional views such as previews and metadata pertaining to the various layers.

Print Layouts

Introduction to the concepts before moving on to Creating a Layout page setup and then adding various items including a map, label, image, legend and scalebar. Output options and how to  manage print layout templates.

Training Schedule

QGIS Advanced

This one day course introduces a number of more advanced features of QGIS. Delegates should have a good working knowledge of QGIS.

1 day

4 CPD points


Atlas is a component of Print Layouts which allows multiple output pages to be automatically generated from a single Layout, driven by an attribute of the data, with a page for each feature.

Custom Forms

Custom forms in QGIS allow for a customised user interface, usually for editing purposes. This, combined with other functionality, means that QGIS is an ideal front-end GIS editor for spatial data, even non-GIS users.


GeoReferencing is used when raster data is not referenced to a CRS. The process adds coordinate references to a raster image so that it can be used in QGIS alongside other layers.

Raster Analysis

Raster data is a wide field of analysis, so in these exercises we will introduce some common techniques and tools, and work with some specialist raster processing plugins. We are going to use some UK Environment Agency LIDAR data as our example.

Graphical Modeller

The Graphical Modeler,  allows you to build and save process models using a graphical interface. The Modeller can make use of any processes available in the Processing Toolbox so it’s a useful tool for automating most things that QGIS can do.

Time Manager

Datasets that contains timestamps / observations recorded at multiple time-steps,  can be easily visualized using the TimeManager plugin. TimeManager allows you to view and export ‘slices’ of data between certain time intervals that can be combined into animations and video.

Training Schedule

Primary Trainer

Antony Scott


Ant is a charter member of the OSGeo Foundation

Ant has been using OSGeo software since 2010, as a student and a consultant.

He was a member of the Local Organising Committee for FOSS4G 2013 in the UK, and of the Committee for FOSS4GUK on 2016.

He is currently secretary of OSGeo:UK, runs QGIS training (amongst other activities) for Astun Technology, and for MapAction, for which he volunteers.