Introduction to GIS

Introduction to GIS training

This beginner’s course shows you how to produce simple maps using your own or third party data. It’s ideally suited to data professionals who need to create spatial visualisations, marketers or designers who need to produce maps for publication and anyone considering GIS for professional or personal use.

Pre-requisites: basic management skills, e.g. experience using spreadsheets or databases

1 day

4 CPD points

Getting Started

Meet your trainer and fellow delegates. Discover how this course will give you a basic grounding in GIS and pointers to help you practise and improve your skills and knowledge in the future.

Introduction to Location Data

Discover what GIS is and explore how organisations use it to bring data to life. Learn the meaning of common terminology and explore key software types. Become familiar with our virtual training environment.

GIS concepts

Expand your knowledge with a more in-depth exploration of concepts and terminology. Learn the difference between different data types (e.g. raster and vector) and formats. Put your knowledge into practice by loading maps and data into QGIS.

Visualising Location Data

Discover how styling, colour, transparency and symbology work together to make maps easier to understand. Get hands on by styling your own map.

Working with Attributes

Learn how to use attribute data, such as a river’s name or the type of a road, to improve your maps. Practise using attributes to control styling or add information to labels.

Map Output

Find out how to output maps for print and digital distribution. Practise saving maps as images and PDFs.

Publishing Data Online

Discover how to publish to Google Maps. Practise exporting data from QGIS as KML and loading it to My Maps.

Mastering QGIS

Find out which blogs and books to read and where you can find quality tutorials online. Learn what other Astun-led courses and events you can attend and when they will be appropriate for you.


A final chance to ask questions before completing your feedback form. We’ll send you your training certificate via email.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The course was very well thought out and delivered. The trainer was very knowledgeable, patient and asked people questions that related to them and their needs. 

Kristina Quinnell

Reading Borough Council


Steven Jones

Neath Port Talbot Council

The trainer was absolutely perfect for the role. He also talked through things that were not related to the course with no issues at all. 

Kristina Quinnell

Reading Borough Council