Simple single-topic web maps

Give your website visitors the answers they need

Sharing data has never been easier, thanks to Spotlight, our new free web mapping add-on for iShare.

Spotlight enables even the most novice mappers to generate professional, clear and intuitive maps that are perfect for embedding into individual web pages.

Using Spotlight, your colleagues can create web maps in minutes, share them in seconds and be understood instantly.

Case study: Dudley Council


Spotlight makes data easier to share and understand

Your data

Your data

Give data a wider audience via your website or URL sharing


Your users

Enable web visitors to self-serve information across a range of subjects

Your team

Your team

Publish consistently styled maps without increasing your workload


Your organisation

Reduce the number of enquiries and Freedom of Information requests

Worried about compliance and consistency?

No need. Spotlight automatically styles labels and adds copyright statements.

Produce quality maps in minutes

There’s only four steps between novice users and great maps



Select a dataset and the background map that’s most appropriate



Perfect your map by adding map controls, titles and changing the zoom



Send your web team a snippet of code or share your map via an URL



Update your maps whenever your data changes

Spotlight in action: the public sector

Empower your residents to answer common queries like these

When will our bins be collected?
Are there roadworks nearby?
Who is our
new MP?

Are you ready to shine a light on your data?

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