Insights with Power BI

Insightful dashboards brought to life with location data from iShare

Are your colleagues able to access the information they need to make effective decisions without asking for help?

iShare Insights with Power BI enables non-GIS users to create custom visualisations which support decision making. If you already have iShare and Power BI licences, this is a cost effective way to free up your GIS team. The only cost to you will be any call-off support you need to set everything up correctly.


Give non-GIS experts insights into location-based data.


Users access the same, definitive version of data as other iShare users.


Users can control map, chart or table content using simple filters.


Users can share critical information with colleagues and stakeholders.

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Our playlist begins with a video outlining the benefits of using iShare Insights, including real-time data exploration, effortless data sharing and risk reduction.

It’s followed by a look at different dashboards and a video that you can share with non-GIS users. 

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Our step-by-step guides will show you how to bring pre-styled ADS data to life using iShare Insights.

Learn how to download data, import data from a file and add visuals, such as pie charts, into reports. Finally, learn how to visualise and analyse polygon data.   

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Video content summary 

Our blog on empowering everyone to visualise and analyse data gives a detailed overview of each video available.

If you still can’t find the information you’re looking for, please get in touch. We’d love to help.

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iShare Insights features


Interactive visualisations

Visualisation options include maps, charts and tables. Sliders and tickboxes enable users to change the visuals, e.g. by selecting different areas.  



Set and forget

Once you’ve set up a dashboard, users can access the latest data 24/7. Updates can be automated, thanks to iShare. 


National Coverage

Single source of the truth

Users access the data that’s stored in your SDW. As there’s no need for users to manually manipulate data, there’s a reduced risk of errors.


iShare Insights benefits


Free up your GIS teams

Anyone with minimal GIS experience can access and analyse complex spatial data without needing your help.


Improve decision making 

Visuals bring data to life. Users can drill down to gain the insights they need to make well-informed decisions.

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Simplify data sharing

You can customise dashboards for use by management, colleagues, councillors, partners and the public.