New online open source GIS training courses

Whatever you hope to achieve in 2022, our online open source GIS training will help you turbocharge your performance…

Running effective databases

Our PostGIS DBA Essentials course will give you an understanding of the admin tasks required for a PostGIS database. Held on the 23rd of March, it costs just £400. Receive a 10% discount if you book before Weds 9th Feb.

Transitioning to open source GIS

If you want to use the latest GIS software without incurring licence fees, join us on the 18th and 19th of January for our GQIS Essentials course. At just £550, it’s a cost-effective alternative to buying licences for proprietary software! There’s no need to install QGIS locally, we provide everything in the cloud, accessed via a browser. You’ll learn how to load vector data, use raster layers, style data, work with databases and create print layouts.

If you have prior experience, or have been on our QGIS Essentials course, why not join us for PostGIS Essentials on the 1st and 2nd of February? You’ll find out how to load, export and use spatial data and learn how to use basic SQL in PostGIS. We’ll also teach you the measurement functions, look at spatial relationships and joins and explore geoprocessing functions.

Using open source GIS to its full potential

Our QGIS Advanced course on the 16th of March will introduce you to advanced features such as 3D visualisation, point cluster styling and spatialising raster images, such as old maps. Book before the 2nd of February to receive a 10% discount.

Managing spatial data more effectively

If your spatial data needs to be managed more effectively, join our GeoServer Essentials course. This is delivered on the 1st and 2nd of March. Using GeoServer will help you meet the requirements of the GeoSpatial Consortium (OGC) standards. The cost is £800 (£720 if you book by the 18th of January).

GeoServer Advanced will help you add advanced vector & raster formats and serve rasters using a WCS. After this course on the 30th of March, you should be able to add complex data (including MetOc – Meteorological and Oceanographic) and make use of the REST API to automate adding data and styles. You will also have a basic knowledge of how to add printing services to GeoServer. An early bird discount is available until the 16th of February.

Automating your geoprocessing

Our Python Essentials course on the 9th of March will provide you with an introduction to thinking in a Pythonic way. You’ll cover the fundamentals of the language and be in good stead for the Python for QGIS course. Book before the 26th of January for just £360.

Python for QGIS will provide you with a basic intro to the admin tasks required for a PostGIS database. You’ll also benefit from a step-by-step guide for PostgreSQL and PostGIS installation in the Windows environment. During the one-day course, you will also explore user access (including remote connections) and how roles and role groups can be used to manage security on a PostgresSQL server. This course next runs on the 20th of April. An early bird discount is available until the 9th of March.

Note about online open source GIS training courses

To get the most out of your online GIS training, please read through the course information carefully to ensure you have the required knowledge and hardware needed. If you have any doubts, please give us a call on 01372 744009 or complete our contact form. For bookings of multiple courses or delegates, a 10% discount on the total booking cost is applied at checkout.

Most courses come with CPD points. Certificates can be supplied on request.

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