Meet the team: Domna Kanari

Domna Kanari

In 2021, having completed an online Masters in GIS, Domna Kanari wanted to find a position that would be suitable for juniors or graduates, trigger her interest and promote equality and diversity. Ideally, it would also allow her to move from Greece to Copenhagen to be with her partner.

Originally, Domna was looking for PhD positions but our new Junior Development role caught her eye on LinkedIn. The position ticked all her boxes and Domna quickly saw that Astun shared many of her values.  

Having wowed us over a virtual interview, Domna joined us in August 2021. Since then, she’s been a key member of our Devs team, offering support to iShare clients and coding new iShare features. She’s also enjoyed having the chance to learn new skills from other members of our close-knit team.

What made Astun the right choice for Domna?

Flexibility: the majority of our team aren’t tied to a specific location. 

Domna says, “When I need to be back in Greece to see my family, Astun gives me the opportunity to do that easily, because I can work from anywhere in the world.” 

Corporate responsibility: we’re committed to paying fairly and protecting the environment. We also support the open source community financially and through knowledge sharing. 

Domna says, “To be in an environment that has so many professionals that are devoted to the open source community is more than inspiring. I’m really glad that I’m surrounded by people who are willing to share their knowledge and their expertise.”

We make work enjoyable: we’re committed to getting our jobs done but we ensure that we have fun in the process. 

Domna says, “The interviews with Astun were too good to be true. I couldn’t believe that I would meet such friendly and kind people in an interview. Everyone is so experienced in their field and working with such people is for my benefit. Also, the Astun team has an excellent sense of humour and they always make me laugh. So working with the Astun team is fun, challenging and full of new experiences and knowledge.”

Connecting with Domna

Domna’s often to be found flying the flag for women in GIS on social media. Why not connect with her on LinkedIn?

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