Recommended viewing: FOSS4GUK: 2022

Recommended videos

We haven’t been able to watch all the FOSS4G:UK 2022 presentations yet, but here are some recommendations so far:

Tim Sutton’s ‘20 Years of QGIS’ (keynote)

Elena comments, “Tim Sutton’s reflection on ‘20 Years of QGIS’ was one of my favourite talks. It was interesting to learn about the history of QGIS as told by someone very closely related to the project. And the artwork made it even better (and funnier).”

Ant adds, “The highlight was probably the AI-generated graphics in Tim’s presentation – you need to watch it!”

Over 700 people have now watched the recording on YouTube. For the best experience, skip to 26 seconds in. 

Sean McGee’s ‘Adding Audio to Maps’

Elena comments, “Another interesting talk was Sean McGee’s idea of ‘Adding Audio to Maps’ – it will be interesting to see how this project evolves over time and what value it brings to the community. I was fascinated by his demo although I never thought about the need for such a feature.”

Like Elena, Jo particularly appreciated Sean’s talk. She says, “I’ve been attending FOSS4G events for 15 years. For me, Sean’s talk was the perfect FOSS4G presentation, where someone wonders if they can do something, has a go and presents the outcome. Sean’s presentation was interesting, unusual and not so technical that you got lost. Spot on!”

Gobe Hobona’s ‘Serving executable processes on the web through open source implementations of the OGC API – Processes Standard’

Andrew comments, “It was great to attend FOSS4G in London this year. Nice to see new people and familiar faces online and in person. Gobe Hobona’s talk on implementation options for OGC API – Processes was very useful. People might not be aware there are new standards that replace WMS, WFS etc. The guidelines can be found on the Open Geospatial Consortium website.”

Regina Obe’s ‘PostGIS Vision: Past, Present, and Future’ (keynote)

Ian retweeted, “Don’t miss out on Regina Obe’s excellent closing keynote on ‘PostGIS Vision: Past, Present, and Future’.” 

Skip the first four minutes to hear the start of the presentation.  

Dr John A Stevenson’s ‘Increasing open source adoption at the British Geological Survey’

Mark comments, “The open source concept and approach was well broken down with explanation and comparison with more proprietary formats. This was later used as a discussion topic in a breakout session discussing open source support and training as an investment for the future.” The slides are rendered online here. Press s to activate ‘speaker view’, which will also display additional speaker notes.

David Wood’s ‘APIs for assessing flood risk anywhere in the world’

Toby comments, “This presentation is recommended viewing if, like one of my colleagues, you live near a river and pay over £1,000 a year for insurance, even though your house is on a hill. It explains how flood risk is assessed, including flood depth statistics, traffic light-based flood risk assessments, and Annual Damage Ratios, which are used to calculate the cost of insurance.”

Fancy a little lunchtime viewing?

You can see a list of all FOSS4G:UK 2022 presentations here. Many of these presentations can now be found on the OSGeo: UK YouTube channel. You can also access other OSGeo:UK videos here.  

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