The latest news about our ESG

Our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is increasingly important to many clients. In this blog, we look at three reasons why this is before examining how we share relevant information with existing and potential clients. 


Many of our clients have ambitious sustainability targets. By minimising our environmental impact, e.g. by moving from on-premise hosting to cloud hosting with AWS, we can help our clients minimise their environmental footprint.

Of course, our choice of hosting is only one part of our Carbon Reduction Plan and our Net Zero commitment. We also encourage the use of online meetings, wherever possible. If travel is necessary, we ask our colleagues to travel by train or car share if they can. 

Social responsibility

We expect our clients to take an interest in our working practices. As well as meeting legislative requirements, we have made voluntary commitments. We’re members of the Equality Register and we’re Living Wage employers. 

We’re also keen to support the community. As a remote employer, our employees are spread across the UK and beyond. As we can’t pop round to our local charity to volunteer, we make sure that we offer a combination of free advice and financial support to the GIS community instead. You’ll often find us sponsoring events or encouraging our team to share their knowledge for free by giving talks.

Benchmarking our ESG

We want our clients to have faith in our ESG. We use independent specialists, EcoVadis, to benchmark our performance across three categories: environment, labour and human rights & ethics. We’ll have the results of our 2024 assessment shortly. Watch this space!

Sharing information about our ESG

We share ESG news in three ways

We also provide information about ESG in social value questionnaires required for tenders.

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