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There are many well-kept secrets in the world. Until now, we’d include Astun on the list. However, with a new suite of Data Discoverability tools in the final stages of development, we thought it was time to welcome some marketing experts to our team. 

Firstly, who better to help us put Astun centre stage than a graphic designer with a great track record in helping theatres attract bigger audiences? We’re delighted that Rick Yates will be helping us bring a fresh new look to our collateral and website. 

Secondly, after a few years out of the industry, Jill Davis has returned to the GIS fold. Recommended by Astuners Matt Walker and Vickie White, who worked with her at Dotted Eyes, Jill’s excited about using her marketing and copywriting skills to bring our new products to a growing market and to help clients raise awareness of their data sharing projects. 

With their help, we look forward to working with our customers and data management experts to streamline Data Discoverability and share data under the FAIR principles to a wider audience.

Next steps

Are you interested in managing your metadata more efficiently? If so, our YouTube videos on Discovering Metadata and Attaining Metadata Nirvana with GeoNetwork and Gemini 2.3 will help you.

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