Changes to our sales team: Mark and Mike

From January 2022, after more than eleven years with Astun, Mike Smith, our Head of Sales, will be semi-retiring. Mike plans to split his time more evenly across his family, his hobbies (including writing a book on philately) and a new role at Astun.

As a result of this transition, we have appointed Mark Wilcox (pictured above) as our new Head of Sales. Mark is no stranger to our team or our clients. For the last nine years, our open source and mapping expertise has helped Mark and the Exactrak team deliver a web-based tracking and monitoring system for local authority highways maintenance vehicles. It’s a story that Mark has shared with many clients at our pre-COVID user groups. 

A new line-up

Whilst Mike’s new role will see him concentrate on helping existing clients overcome their mapping and data-related challenges, Mark will oversee our entire portfolio. This includes iShare and our new Data Discoverability proposition that will help organisations identify, manage and share data more effectively. Moira Livesey will continue in her role as Local Government Ambassador. 

Mark will also work with our marketing team to further increase awareness of our market-leading open source solutions and training. 

Achieving growth

Our MD, Mike Saunt, comments, “This is a natural progression for Mark. First, he was a customer. Then, he became an advocate, giving presentations about the Exactrak solution to our user groups. Now, he’s stepping into the Head of Sales role at a critical time in our growth. 

This move enables Mike Smith, our Head of Sales since 2010, to achieve his goal of spending more time on hobbies and with his family, whilst ensuring that our clients can continue to benefit from his considerable expertise.”

Mark commented, “Having experienced first-hand how Astun solves data and mapping related challenges, I’m looking forward to promoting Astun’s innovative services and data solutions across both the public and private sectors.” 

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