Online Mapping Privacy Policy

Astun are committed to keeping your personal data private and secure

About the Online Mapping and Address Service

Astun Technology operate a number of Online Mapping and Address Services on behalf of organisations for whom we act as a data processor. The services are used to present information about a specific property or address in both text and map formats and are accessed via the websites of those organisations.

Our product name for these services is “iShare”, but you will usually see them branded by those organisations with names like “My Council”, “My House”, “My Property”, “My Nearest”, “My Maps”, and “My Alerts”.

What personal data is collected when you use the service?

When you use the Online Mapping and Address Service the following personal data is collected.

  • A unique identifier for your computer (known as the “IP address“), which identifies where your web browsing session originates from via your broadband provider or organisation’s computer network. This IP address is saved in log files on our servers along with a record of what data was accessed. Log files are used for routine support and maintenance of the service; we do not analyse usage by IP address.
  • A number of small files (“cookies“) which are saved locally to the computer you are browsing the Online Mapping and Address service from. The cookies are used to remember your settings between visits – such as the last address searched, the last zoom location of the map, or your preferred language on multi-lingual sites. Cookies expire after one month unless our customers have configured them otherwise.
  • For a My Alerts service our servers store your name, email address, password (which is encrypted), the locations you have requested alerts for and the details of what topics you have asked to be alerted on. This information is only used within the My Alerts service.
  • Astun Technology do not use Google Analytics or any other tracking cookies for generic visitor statistics although our customers may do so.

What personal data is provided as content by the service?

When you use an Online and Mapping and Address Service managed by Astun you will be accessing content (i.e. maps and data) that has been loaded onto the system by our customer – i.e. the organisation from whose website you will be accessing the system.

This content may contain personal data – for example a record relating to a planning application may include the name and address of the planning applicant; an electoral ward may contain contact details of local councillors. Astun do not control what content our customers load onto the service and therefore any queries relating to this personal data should be addressed to the Data Protection Officer of the organisation from whose website you accessed the system.

What do we do with this personal information?

Personal information collected when using the Online Mapping and Address Service is used solely for the routine support and maintenance of the system which includes the creation of system backups. We take all due care and attention to protect the confidentiality of your information, including thorough security testing, scheduled deletion of log files, controlled access to servers etc. Astun do not make your data available to any third parties for marketing purposes or for any other reason except if required by law.

Personal information provided as content on the Online Mapping and Address service is not used by Astun for any secondary purposes.

Access to your personal information

You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information that we hold. Please email your subject access request to the Data Protection Officer for the organisation responsible for the Online Mapping and Address service, upon whose instruction we will act within 30 days.

This policy was last updated on 21 May 2018