Data Discovery & Enterprise Metadata


We offer a wide range of solutions ranging from base INSPIRE compliance through to enterprise wide data discoverability as part of your Spatial Data Infrastructure.

Ensure good data governance with the GeoNetwork metadata catalogue, fully integrated with your desktop and Web GIS. Be secure in the knowledge that you’ll be compliant with the latest metadata standards, with a fully managed solution, including performance monitoring, audit and roll-back, automated updates and reminders.

Enterprise Data Discovery


Crawl, Maintain and simplify data discovery whilst providing view, and download services to your organisation and the public with the following features:



Automatically discover your datasets.


Maintain your metadata and be compliant to Gemini 2.3 & non spatial to ISO 19139.



Publish your catalogue automatically through web services to other portals such as

Review Dashboard

Review Dashboard

Review your Downloads, statistics, alarms, access controls, metadata creation including harvesting.



Browse your published datasets so even more people can discover and interact with your data.



Integrate with GIS platforms such as QGIS, ArcGIS, MapInfo and of course iShare.


A fully managed implementation allows you to concentrate on your metadata and discovery services without worrying about Standards and Legislation changes.


Fully Managed

More than just a metadata catalogue, our Data Discovery & Enterprise Metadata package is a fully managed solution allowing data discoverability across your business and beyond.



Better decision making and collaboration through use of appropriate data, with full integration with GIS platforms through standard OGC Catalogue Web Services.


Stay Compliant

The confidence that your solution will be fully compliant with national standards, with over 99% uptime and full disaster recovery.

Attaining Metadata Nirvana

Available on YouTube our webinar to 75+ people on “Attaining Metadata Nirvana with GeoNetwork and GEMINI 2.3”.

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Customer Testimonials

I am writing to thank you for your efforts in helping us meet the Environment Agency’s Open Data target to publish at least 1500 datasets as Open Data by the end of June. I am happy to report that we smashed our target by publishing 1932 datasets as of 28 June.
In particular, I would like to thank you for being such a support for both the Environment Agency and the other Defra bodies throughout the Defra metadata project, which was crucial to Defra meeting its target.

Miranda Kavanagh

Executive Director of Evidence, DEFRA


DEFRA publishes 8,000 datasets

Astun delivered the Environment Agency’s (EA) Metadata Catalogue in 2015. Subsequently Astun delivered a similar solution to the wider Defra network when the Secretary of State challenged DEFRA to publish 8000 datasets in a year.

User Interface

Better search, ability to refine/narrow by various criteria, cleaner homepage.

Bulk Editing & API

Bulk editing & administrative functions / improved reporting available via the API.

Metadata Profiles

Development of GeoNetwork metadata plugins for Gemini 2.2 & Gemini 2.3 whilst giving input to the AGI Standards SIG.

Access Controls

440 users maintain over 8000 records, available (with access controls) to 3500 internal staff and the public.


Scottish SDI Metadata Catalogue (SSDI)

Astun delivered the Scottish SDI Metadata Catalogue (SSDI) for the Scottish Government (SG) in 2016. Astun host, manage, maintain, upgrade and support Scottish Government’s spatial data catalogue using linked data for consistency of terminologies with other catalogues.


Provides Scottish public sector organsations full editing of records ensuring that the 1000+ datasets are kept up to date and publically available.


Provides an INSPIRE compliant metadata repository with a publically searchable map interface.

Exposes a Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) that is regularly harvested to the UK wide portal

Extensive Documentation

Comprehensive documentation publically available (via GitHub) provides public & registered users extremely detailed insutructions.