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Astun Data Services

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Data available includes National availability Ordnance Survey Premium & Open data along with Syndicated Open Data such as Crime, Education & NHS data available for easy consumption into your Desktop, Database or Web Applications through standard formats.

Web Mapping Services

Web Mapping Services

Available as contemporary web cartography or in a black and white style and available through OGC Web Services integration is simple.

Syndicated Open Data

Syndicated Open Data

We aggregate Crime, Education & NHS open data so you don’t have to.  Automatically updated and available to you as OGC WFS Services.

Vector Data Download Service

Vector Data Download Service

Available for download by Government boundary type (District, Boroughs, Unitary, County, Region) with a regional buffer of 20km to ensure your area is covered.

 Proprietory Format Support

 Proprietory Format Support

Most of our clients take the data as PostGIS, MapInfo TAB or Oracle Spatial format.  Available on a National scale.

OS Data

Ordnance Survey Premium & Open Data

Updated quarterly with national coverage there is no long any need to pay for translation software or have staff spending hours processing & managing.

National Coverage

National Coverage

GB National coverage, where available, saves you untold management and storage costs.


Managing Ordnance Survey base map data and imagery requires specialist software and can be time consuming. Astun Data Services offers a simple low cost alternative for PSGA members (or those with an alternative OS licence) to access national cover (or a licenced subset) of MasterMap and other data sets.


Reduced costs

Being a managed service, it frees customers from the costs and complexity of managing a Geographic Information infrastructure (servers, networks, bandwidth).


Reduces your Workload

Allows GI managers and analysts to focus on delivering Geographic Intelligence to staff and stakeholders.


Service Level Agreement

Backed by a comprehensive SLA to give you peace of mind that others are managing the service for you.

Scalability & Resilience

We’ve been providing our online mapping services since 2012

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