Search Engine Optimisation

We help your data talk search engines’ language

If you want to share your data with more of the right people, you need to help search engines understand its content and context.

Our SEO tool uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver SEO- and user-friendly metadata.

When it comes to data searches, search engines are king

Our solution gives the best of both worlds – all the advantages of a portal or catalogue
for metadata management coupled with the visibility of SEO

of users turn to

seek data directly
from portals

turn to other

Automated SEO-friendly metadata

Our metadata meets the Geospatial Commission’s requirements 

Optimised page titles

Optimised abstracts

Complete metadata fields

Re-usable URLs

Machine-readable metadata

Fixed broken links

Removal of outdated pages

Start optimising your data 

Let us take the hard work out of search engine optimisation

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