Data Discoverability 

Step 2 – Trustworthy metadata gives users the information they require
Users need high-quality metadata to help them decide if data is fit for purpose.

Our metadata tool automates the production of comprehensive metadata that meets the needs of internal and external users.

Save time through automation

Let our technology do the hard work for you



Search for missing or
sub-optimal metadata



Automatically produce metadata that’s both SEO- and user-friendly



Review and publish your
improved metadata

The metadata gap

Recent research shows that although 100% of respondents want to receive metadata with their data, only 55% can regularly supply it. With our help, you can deliver metadata to everyone who wants it. 

Metadata that ticks all the boxes

Our metadata production tool does the hard work for you

Accurate and trustworthy

Comprehensive metadata
gives users confidence in their decision making.

Easy to understand

User-friendly metadata allows
all users to decide if a
dataset is suitable.


Our tool meets the needs of search engines, data portals and GIS systems.


Our metadata complies with
all required standards and best practice guidance. 

Benefits of using our metadata production tool

Feel the advantages of scaling up your metadata production

Your organisation

Deliver a better service to internal and external data users.

Your team

Your team

Liberate your team from  time-consuming metadata production.


Your data

Ensure every dataset is accompanied by comprehensive metadata.

Your community

Give users the information needed to make robust decisions.

Watch the webinar

Attaining metadata nirvana

Join Jo Cook, our Data Discoverability Lead, to see how easily you can produce metadata that’s comprehensive, current and compliant, no matter how many datasets you have. 

This webinar features GeoNetwork and talks about Gemini 2.3.