Data Discoverability

Step 3 – Take the effort and guesswork out of data management

Managing data is difficult, especially as your data holding increases.

Our data catalogue management tools eliminate common issues relating to data security, quality and utilisation.

Control your data without tying up your resources

We make it easier to keep your data in great shape



Block or restrict access to datasets in
just a few clicks


Minimise risk

Easily identify and eliminate
duplicate datasets



Use reports to gain insight into the
secret life of your data

Reporting made easy

Our standard reporting tools enable you to keep tabs on your changing data holding and how your data is being used.

Standard reports include:
● Most popular datasets
● Quantity of metadata produced
● How many datasets have been shared

We can also develop customised reports that illustrate your team’s progress against specific KPIs or other objectives. 

Free your team from onerous data management tasks

Let them work on more fulfilling projects instead

Benefits of managing data more effectively

There’s more to life than data management

Your organisation

Reduce data-related risks and save time.

Your team

Your team

Accommodate growing data holdings more easily.


Your data

Improve data quality
and enhance security.

Your commmunity

Provide quality data for decision making.